The Occasional Joke

Nurse: Patient's name?

Centurion: Marcus Licinius Crassus

Nurse: And his date of birth?

Centurion: 115 BC.

Nurse: All right. And what is he here for?

Centurion: Cataphract surgery.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Perhaps unintentional irony

There's a story getting some play in the last 24 hours, based on a "new ideas" post on the New Geography blog at the New York Times, saying the best thing to do with Detroit is turn it into farm land. Leaving aside the brownfield issues that might raise, it has some merit (I have, after all, proposed turning the abandoned Georgetown Shopping Center into an urban chicken farm.) But the irony comes in with the quote published by Sheena Harrison in the Mlive article about it all that "... the people are almost literally hearkening back to the formative days of the Midwest frontier, when pioneer settlers faced horrible conditions, tough odds, and often severe deprivation..."

The preceding article in Mlive's Detroit coverage is headed, "Detroit police investigating Sunday drive-by, seeking four suspects armed with shotgun, AK-47." Sounds more like Kabul than the Midwest.