The Occasional Joke

Nurse: Patient's name?

Centurion: Marcus Licinius Crassus

Nurse: And his date of birth?

Centurion: 115 BC.

Nurse: All right. And what is he here for?

Centurion: Cataphract surgery.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Food Delivery in Ann Arbor

For a long time, I've been cranky about the limited delivery food in town -- some nights, even your humble food snob Editor is too tired, grumpy, or medicated to cook or drive someplace. Like a good progressive, the answer is to throw money at the problem, but I was living under the impression that essentially all you could get was Pizza or maybe a sub. But I see by the simple means of browsing around in that we do, in fact, have more options than I thought. Here's a selection, based on nothing at all except my prejudices and some limited experience. I've just listed a few, and left off all but one of our other favorite spots from which you can get carry-out but not delivery. Suggestions and comments welcome.

Cuisine Restaurant Delivery or Pickup Menu Comments Food Speediness
Chinese San Fu Delivery Basic Mandarin; the twice cooked pork is great about half the time, good the rest of the time. Good Excellent!
Pizza Anthony's Pizza Delivery
(not on
Ann Arbor's finest, in my opinion, deep-dish. Excellent! Good
Pizza Cottage Inn Delivery Our current preferred provider for straight-up, college-town style pizza. Good Good
Silvio's Delivery Very nice eat-in Italian place on North University, and they apparently deliver as well. Very good Unsampled
NY Pizza Depot Delivery We haven't tried these guys, but their menu is extensive. Will give them a shot soon, just for variety. Unsampled Unsampled
Pizza House Delivery Big menu, not all that great. Ok Good
Ahmo's Gyros and Deli Delivery Many flavors of gyros, subs (they distinguish among subs, hoagies, and grinders, oddly, since they're essentially synonymous or should be,) and even diner-style breakfasts. Have not yet tried them. Unsampled Unsampled
Fraser's Pub Delivery,
Not on
Fraser's will deliver you a pizza; not clear if they'll deliver their bar menu or not, but due to the deafening noise levels in the place, we sometimes order burgers to go and pick 'em up. Pizza: good / Burgers: Very good Good
Mainstream Indian Raja Rani Delivery claims that the old standby Indian place on William will deliver. Who knew? Haven't tried delivery (nor in fact been there for dinner in a while,) but it's on the list. Ok to good Unsampled
Thai Siam Square Delivery Not a place I know, but its menu lists many of the same dishes, especially in the curry department, as our current favorite, Lotus Thai / Marnee Thai. Might give this one a shot on a night when I'm adamant about not leaving the house. Unsampled Unsampled
Jamaican Jamacian Jerk Pit Delivery Tiny, long-established place that I walk right by everytime we go to Mercy's or Hill or somewhere in that vicinity. They say they deliver; will give then a try when the mood strikes. Unsampled Unsampled
Japanese in general
Miki Delivery Miki is under new management, and we have not been there in years (being devoted to our regular place, Yotsuba,) but says they deliver. Unsampled lately Unsampled

As is always the case with the Internet, some of this may be out of date. But nevertheless, I was gratified to see even this much availability. The only thing missing is the long-lost DeLong's BBQ, who were for a time willing to bring you the best goddam barbequed half a chicken I've had. Granted, a friend of mine used to describe their ribs as "goat," but the sauced bird was my favorite. Alas for the sticky old days.

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