The Occasional Joke

Nurse: Patient's name?

Centurion: Marcus Licinius Crassus

Nurse: And his date of birth?

Centurion: 115 BC.

Nurse: All right. And what is he here for?

Centurion: Cataphract surgery.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Piscatorial culinaria as the summer winds down

A couple of meals, recently, with a distinctly fishy theme. Absolutely beautiful Florida Keys Yellow Snapper, before and after. The after demonstrates a recipe from the huge Dorling-Kindersley Seafood book Linda got me, essentially baked fish in a rustic tomato sauce.

Below, vitello tonnato, lifted from Sam Sifton in the Times -- veal eye round covered in a tuna-mayonnaise sauce and served cold. You can't see the veal, but it's there, under the sauce, sliced very thinly. We ate this one with a salad of my own devising: chopped brandywine tomatoes, shredded basil, and cubes of nectarine.

Periodically, Linda will see an article like this and say, "Can you make that?" It usually turns out to be a good thing -- a new trick in my bag of 'em.

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