The Occasional Joke

Nurse: Patient's name?

Centurion: Marcus Licinius Crassus

Nurse: And his date of birth?

Centurion: 115 BC.

Nurse: All right. And what is he here for?

Centurion: Cataphract surgery.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well good for them

The Russians are worried about our defense technology.

That, of course, would be one reason for our having it, but never mind.  If they can't remember what happened the last time they decided to get into a spending race with us, I'm happy to let them go on not remembering.

"The question is will we copy the Americans' 40-year experience and create a (Northrop) B-2 analog ... or will we go down a new, ultramodern technology route, looking to the horizon and create a machine able to penetrate air defenses and carry out a strike on any aggressor," he said.

"He" being Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.  Hee, hee.  Chuckle. Ha, ha. 'Scuse me. Haw, haw, haw! Snort! Cough! Wheeze! Ha, ha -- Sorry.  I was just thinking about what a wonderful stalking horse the B2 was, how many, many USD it cost, and how great it would be if the Russians decided to a) emulate that project or, b) leapfrog it and create something even less necessary and even more expensive. Chuckle.

Meanwhile, guess where the slowing Chinese economy is now causing problems?  We buy rare earth elements from them, they buy ... arn.  Yep, arn, or as it's pronounced in the Midwest, Iron. Or rather, they used to. Oh, how sad I am for the plight of poor Rio Tinto.

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