The Occasional Joke

Nurse: Patient's name?

Centurion: Marcus Licinius Crassus

Nurse: And his date of birth?

Centurion: 115 BC.

Nurse: All right. And what is he here for?

Centurion: Cataphract surgery.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Chicago, land of enlightenment

Put out that E cigarette. Can't "smoke" it in here. Chicago has or is about to ban the silly things in much the same way as traditional tobacco methodology.  Alas, poor hipsters, used car salesmen, and lost-generation wannabes; you'll have to find another way to be cool.  I'm going to send our fine governmental officials a note suggesting that we follow suit, either at the state or municipal level.

And while I'm being cranky about health topics, did you know that you should budget roughly $325 a year, per child, for treatment of earaches? Costs the US just shy of 3 billion a year.  Remarkably detailed if somewhat brief article here. Clearly, this is the fault of ObamaCare or possibly Justin Bieber.  Either way, we should ban it. I mean them. Children, that is. Or just their ears.

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